Nerikomi and Neriagi

Nerikomi and Neriagi are techniques from Japan to work with coloured clay or porcelain who need a lot of time and endurance. Using the example of a small bowl in my work the following steps are needed:

1st are an idea, visons, thoughts and making notices about how to create the theme with which colours.

2nd are mixing and testing colours in porcelain.

3rd If the colour testings was successful, it's time to create patterns and canes, to let it rest and mature until they have the right humidity to start working with.

4th is to create combinations of single colours, patterns and canes and to let it rest too.

5th is creating the bowl

6th is to clean it carefully and to let it dry very slowly (10-14 days). During this process it needs many care.

7th is to do a bisque firing and after to sand (wet!) the bowl until all the messy parts disappear and the pattern is clear.

8th is to let it dry from wet sanding, to glaze it optionally and let it dry again.

9th Now it's time for the firing until cone 6-7. After firing the unglazed parts get sanded and polished - IF the bowl came out of the kiln safe and sound!

All these steps needed may explain why these objects are precious and high priced.